FoodYo: Food ordering bot

The competitive industry of Food and Grocery just got easier using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. 

FoodYo, an advanced chatbot was built to order food online for The Natural Language Understanding was trained on Chinese cuisine first (most popular cuisine in online food portals as per the founder of and achieved 86% accuracy against tests sourced from MTurk. The app used to translate food order in natural text into a list of best-rated restaurants that carry that item and can deliver it in the least cost and time.

The results:

The integration was able to reduce the ordering time down from 45 minutes to up to 3 minutes, thereby decreasing the cart abandonment ratio to a minimum where the reason was indecisiveness or bad user experience.


Features of Food Delivery Chatbot:

Human like Chatbot for Food ordering:
With 86% accuracy, this Human like chat interface can take orders 24×7 for your guests. Just type in your grocery / food order list and it turns that into a payment link.

If the system cannot take some queries, humans can take over anytime.

Trainable Intelligence:
AI that can be deep trained specifically for food industry (or your industry). It is possible to customize how chatbot behaves, the conversation is handled and the persona of the chatbot. AI becomes smarter with every interaction through a feedback loop.