AI for Sales & Marketing

Automate lead followups and appointment scheduling. Autopilot marketing campaigns and A/B Split testing.

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Possibilities of AI in Sales & Marketing

Auto Followup with leads

Let AI do the heavy lifting of your sales process by following up with leads and setting up appointments for your sales team. Its like hiring a huge army of sales executives.

Engage in Social conversations

Boost your lead generation by skimming leads out of world wide, social media and more. Filter out with buying stage, keywords, psychographics, demographics and more.

Smart A/B Split testing

AI tests different layouts for different traffic streams, visitor segments, browsing attributes and more, figuring out best layout out of 100s of possible combinations.

Chatbot for Lead capturing

Delight your customers with AI agents answering questions related to products, orders, policies or company based upon company knowledgebase, website FAQs, past answers and more.

Advertising ROI optimization

Find which traffic channels are yielding maximum ROI and control budgets automatically. Maximizes conversions by changing layout in realtime based upon visitor attributes & past success rates.

CRM Data Enrichment

Autocomplete missing fields in your CRM data to empower your sales team with better decisions and precise search filters. WWW crawlers get the data of your leads with great precision.