Our Projects

Medical Chatbot – Pre-screening and Appointment generation

Pre-screens the patients based upon the symptoms, thereby setting an appointment with the appropriate doctor automatically in a hospital of 40+ doctors.

International Studies and Immigration Chatbot

Designed to help with lead generation for Australia based group of colleges that sits on their website and Facebook Messenger, converting the incoming leads into contacts in CRM.

KeywordCountry – AI Powered Web Application

KeywordCountry is a Keyword Research tool that uses Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning to sort and sift thru 17+ Data points to generate market intelligence. 

Gempacked – Ecommerce Marketing

Case Study on how a Brick and Mortar store in Los Angeles was increased its revenues by 10 folds using conversion optimized Ecommerce redesign and marketing automation. 

CORI – Pandemic Chatbot with Marketplace

A chatbot built using Hybrid.Chat platform that hosts a marketplace where community can learn about the pandemic and vote for food suppliers nearby.

Community Spam arrest chatbot

A chatbot that guards social channels on Whatsapp or Telegram against spam bots that look for such links, join automatically to spam the rooms. Think of this chatbot as a captcha against chatbots.

Hybrid.Chat – Chatbot building platform

A web application that features a chatbot building scripting language with the ability to turn simple spreadsheets into complicated chatbots for lead generation, client followup and more. 

SiteHike – Web Marketing Automation platform

More than just a website grader that crawls your website and benchmarks it against your competitors, simplifying digital marketing by putting it into easy to follow step by step tasks.

BrokerBot – Facebook Real Estate Broker Chatbot

This is a bot that asks a simple array of questions that lets the bot fire an API request on RightMove to fetch results and display. A little NLP and spelling mistake detection was used for better detection of local names.



ContainerFlow Feature Image

Get-A-Quote Bot – Shipping Container Lead Collection Chatbot

A chatbot built using Hybrid.Chat platform that engages visitors who wish to buy or rent shipping containers qualifies them based on their location and collects leads automatically. 

Feature Image Recruito

RecruitBot – Automate Pre-Interview Screening

A chatbot built using Hybrid.Chat platform that engages Interview Candidates, qualifies them, accepts Resume Submissions, and answers any questions about the Job.

ConciergeBot Featured Image

ConciergeBot – Chatbot for Hotel Direct Bookings

A chatbot built using Hybrid.Chat platform that lets Hotel Website visitors book rooms, get travel suggestions and order food & beverages.


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They first got the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then figured out where to drive it.
– Jim Collins
Author of Good to Great

If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll will for for you with their blood, sweat and tears.
– Simon Sinek
Author of Start with Why