AI for Ecommerce

Make Ecommerce think (and work) like you do. Automate product descriptions, ROI optimization, data attribution, customer support & more.
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Possibilities of AI in Ecommerce

Autowrite Product Descriptions

Uses Natural Language Generation to write unique SEO optimized product descriptions for all products that AI is trained upon. Its like hiring a huge army of content writers.

Chatbot for Ecommerce

Delight your customers with AI agents answering questions related to products, orders, policies or company based upon product descriptions, attributes, past answers and more.

Search & Recommendations

Upto 36% more revenues with intelligent website search engine that knows what your customers are looking for. Publish product recommendation widgets that upsell and cross sell.

ROI optimization

Find which traffic channels are yielding maximum ROI and control budgets automatically. Know what assortment you might be missing upon to grow your sales.

Competitor price monitoring

Optimize your product pricing by monitoring your competitors. Crawl your competitors and auto map your product assortment on theirs to know who is selling what and for how much.

Automatic Data Management

Go to market faster by automationg product to category classification, product attribute tagging, search filters and more. Can work on pre-written text as well as product images.


What People are Building

Because an example is worth a thousand words!

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FAQ Chatbot using Knowledgebase

AI digested documents sitting on a local machine of a call center and turned that into a chatbot. The chatbot is now an assistant to 60+ call center team and helps them provide swift answers to their customers and helps support 4000+ clients...
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FoodYo: Food ordering bot

An advanced chabot that was build to order food online. The Natural Language Understanding was trained on Chinese cuisine first (most popular cuisine in online food portals) and achieved 86% accuracy against tests sourced from MTurk. The app...

Facebook Hotel Booking Chatbot

A natural sounding advanced chatbot that uses well developed understanding of Natural Language and can understand multiple parameters in a single sentence, no matter how it was said. Follows all 3 type of conversations on can have with a bot as a human. Hotelsify...

Facebook Real Estate Broker bot

This is a bot that asks a simple array of questions that lets the bot fire an API request on RightMove to fetch results and display. A little NLP and spelling mistake detection was used for better detection of location names, developing a tolerance for spelling...