Together, we can do something amazing!

We are here for a purpose. The goals are set, target is in sight and the race is on. We are working on some of the toughest problems of AI and Machin learning and people with ‘never give up’ attitude only survive the terrain. So, if you believe you have what it takes, read on!

Job Openings

We are always working on something amazing and always looking for brilliant people who can be part of our journey. Here is a list:

Full Stack Engineer

​What you would do during your first 6 months :

  • Use Meteor.js . We will make you learn in 10 days if you dont know Meteor already. We use a stack of node.js, mongodb, blazejs, angularjs, reactjs inside Meteor

  • Build rich interactive Single Page Applications

  • Refer to prototypes we designed of an Artificial Intelligent SaaS product

  • Code together in a small yet productive team, and bring this prototype to life

  • Use dozens of our APIs that handle Big Data & Machine Learning for you

Take Online Test

Take this online test to kickstart the recruitment process for Full Stack Engineer at Smarter.Code

Explore more job openings here.

The job application process:
Go through the job openings and apply using the links given in the job listings. If we are interested, we normally get intouch within 24 business hours. A date and time is fixed for interview (starts with an online interview and final one happens on campus.

What is the best way to reach you?
The best way to reach us is via emails and not by phone calls. We get alot of love (and emails) and we appreciate that.

Where is Smarter.Codes located?
We are in Koramangala, Bangalore. The area is bustling with startups all around us and is a happening area.

I wish to work for you and relocating from an another city. What will be my lifestyle like?
Most of the people we work with are from an another city (Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar). You will meet alot of friends, mentors and a team full of energy.

What is the company culture like?
The company culture is absolutely important for us and we make sure it is optimum for productivity. Soft skills, Team work, Politeness, Openness, Healthy mind and Body is something we are constantly working on.

Good ideas, ownership of you work, ‘Get it done’ attitude and leadership is appreciated. Politics, Late nights, junk food and procrastination is not appreciated. 

You will find the seeds of everything above in every team member you meet here.

Great companies are built with great people