Hybrid. Chat. Drag and Drop Chatbot Builder


Our product Hybrid. Chat would enable customers to build chatbots using a scripting language. While the scripting language a finer control over how their chatbot would operate, however, non-developers wanted an intuitive user interface to be able to build or edit chatbots


We built a drag & drop interface, through which customers can build & preview their chatbots. Instead of delving into scripting languages to build chatbots, they could now interconnect a couple of boxes with arrows and build turing complete chatbots. It felt much like drawing or editing a flowchart.


We used Google Blockly to build this visual programming interface. We prototyped some 100+ diverse chatbots and designed their chatbot using a blockly diagram. Once the prototype was accepted, we customized Blockly to offer those blocks. This way the building blocks we offer inside our WYSIWYG IDE can build a wide variety of chatbots.