Big Data Engineer

Remote – Anywhere in the world. Pick your home,
or a co-working in your city.
Or feel free to join us at the IT capital of India – Bengaluru

What would you do

Every AI team feeds upon data – humongous amounts of it. At Smarter.Codes the source of data could be terabytes of web crawl – which we use as input to our systems, or Datasets and Lexical databases – which we use for ‘training’ our AI systems
As Big Data Engineer you are expected to take the software code produced by our Full Stack Engineers, or ML Engineers and scale them such that they operate on big data with ease. Meeting the time and space complexity


  1. Understand non-functional requirements handed over to you
  2. Understand fully functional (but not fully optimized) code handed over to you
  3. Improve architecture and code to meet the non-functional requirements.
  4. Write tasks in issue tracker detailing even the most subtle steps required to accomplish the task
  5. Write code.  Backend  And DevOps
  6. Test code using automation and profiling
  7. Deploy code on servers


  1. Practice: You have single-handedly coded at least 3 projects involving Parallel Computing – with you alone in the team.
  2. Languages: You are proficient in either one of Python, Java, Scala, Go, or C++. But you aspire to be a polyglot so that you work on each one of them when you join.
  3. Linux: You love using your Linux desktop for writing code. You have spent at least a few years facing Linux terminals
  4. Reading: You read a lot. You confidently understand every word of a Technical Documentation. Scarce Documentation is not a problem for you.
  5. Education: You are fresh out of college. Or have some industry experience. You have a couple of years of programming experience with your academics and professional career combined. Any grades are fine. Dropouts welcome!
  6. Attitude: You often say ‘I do not know’ when you are in doubt. And you have longed to ‘be sure’.

In exchange you get

  • Salary: Somewhere between ₹9,00,000 to ₹12,00,000 per annum. Often paid through weekly payments
  • Stock options: You may receive stock options in one of our startups as a bonus. We are aiming for at least half of the team at Smarter.Codes to have stock options
  • People: A mix of geeky, frugal, and seasoned professionals to work with. See who you would be working with on a daily basis. This could be a lot of learning!

How to Apply

If you consider yourself fit for the position (see Requirements section above) then email your resume to us. We will revert you in max 48 business hours – it could be in a few minutes as well !

ABOUT SMARTER.CODES We are an AI startup and realize that Natural Language isn’t being understood by computers like sci-fi promised us. Started in 2014, Smarter.Codes earned clientele and appreciation from prestigious enterprises like Target Inc, Ford Motors, Tech Mahindra, Bank of Montreal,, TheMindGym, and likes. Bootstrapped during first 3 years of its inception, and angel funded in 2017. Smarter.Codes is navigated by 2 serial entrepreneur brothers and distinguished advisors across the globe - including mentors from the camps of 500 Startups, Alchemist Accelerator.