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Your products and applications to the power of Artificial Intelligence for better understanding of Human Language, Images and Videos.

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We provide powerful and flexible AI-driven content analysis solutions that bring the power of NLP, Image and Video Analysis to the masses. We help developers, data scientists, and marketers understand human-generated textual content at scale.

Entity and Keyword Extraction

Find mentions of places, people, brands and contextually important keywords in documents and social media. Easily get additional data about the entities.

Content Classification

Classify multilingual text into standard, pre-defined taxonomies or build your own custom classification scheme in minutes.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify whether the expressed opinion in short texts (like product reviews) is positive, negative, or neutral.

Semantic Similarity

Compare two texts and compute their syntactic and semantic similarity. Understand when two texts are about the same subject.

Image and Scene Detection

Identify thousands of commonly occurring everyday objects, recognizes faces, detect scenes and objects within an array of images.

Video Analysis

Realtime video analysis for detecting human emotions, tracking retail inventory and analyzing suvillence video analysis at scale.

Enterprise Ready

Remove the complexity of analyzing textual content, image and videos and concentrate on what you do best.

State of the art NLP models

Leverage our tried and tested NLP models

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Process millions of documents per minute

Real Time Processing

Enjoy sub-second response times

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