AI that augments you

We work with refreshing new approach towards AI and deeper understanding of Language(s), Vision, Speech and Sensors, that lets you upgrade your abilities, your Enterprise, Website, Devices or Applications.

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AI Web Crawlers

Build industry-focused search engines or enrich your CRM with Focused Crawling, augmented with Artificial Intelligence that search and index data.

Conversational Chatbots

Chatbots that greet customers, capture leads, follow with clients, and integrate into channels like Whatsapp, Social Media, Messenger, Voice, SMS, and more.

Advanced Custom RPAs

Hire a Digital robots workforce (RPAs or Robotic Process Automation bots) that augment your Human team, gather data or automate business.

Desktop Virtualization

Deploy virtual desktop Infrastructure (VDIs) or Managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS), pre-programmed for a specific function, on the cloud – at scale.

Natural Language Processing

High-accuracy Natural Language models, with custom trained ontology, that can understand your Web documents, Databases, Emails, Images, and more.

No code interfaces

Reduce the cost of training workforce and new IT developments using Low Code / No-code interfaces with drag-and-drop logic and flow builders.