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Digital Robotics

We are making digital robotics accessible and usable for millions of businesses, entrepreneurs and developers

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Culture at Smarter.Codes

A team with an always learning mindset

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Our Values

Data and Gut Driven

We often use data to make decisions but are willing and able to go beyond the data.

Each one of us makes a conscious effort to amplify our gut power by connecting our experiences or upping our intuition.

Colleague > Customer

Even though the customer is king, we tend to focus our priorities on our fellow colleagues in order to bolster the team morale through a practice of “Show everything, see everything.” where the emphasis is given to constant work updates and frequent feedback.
We also invest in exercises and tools that improve efficiency, simplify colleague experience and align before delivering.

Bias for Action

We aspire to turn an idea on day 1 to manifest it onto a production server by day 14.
Speed is everything.

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