Making applications communicate
like Humans do
AI platform, with a powerful Natural Language Understanding, that emulates human brain’s capacity to process language.
Find out how it works

How it works?

Perceive / Upload data

Upload data through CSVs, Crawler, Text, Voice or API in structured format or Natural Language

Train AI on Data

Train the system to understand entities, classification, relationships, logic, Natural language, local dialect and more

Take action

Train AI to take action (Search, Invoke devices or just API output) based upon understanding of the data.

Analyze data

See reports of the most commonly initiated commands, data queries and intents to perfect the system further in those areas.

What people are saying

  • "We were able to accept natural language queries and recommend restaurant items with 87% accuracy during our experiments. Now we are importing 1M restaurant items and launching our mobile app."

    Paul Geller
    Paul GellerFounder,